Rainbow Jelly Roll rug

Sale price$135.00

LAST ONE! This exclusive Rainbow Jelly Roll rug of limited quantities offers the perfect way to spice up your PRIDE décor. Lovingly handcrafted in Ohio, it features a rainbow of colors and is machine washable for convenient care. Make a statement today with this unique and beautiful rug.

These are wildly popular and hard to keep in stock.  A heads up, these take a week to complete and I start working on yours when the order is placed.

These are approximately 28" x 39". Sizes can vary a tad which is normal. They are machine washable cold and either hang dry or tumble dry low. 

While these are meticulously sewn by Rita, these rugs are not meant for high traffic areas, as in the entry ways into the home. Please keep that in mind when ordering. These are not mass-produced rugs and are made in the USA.