Watermelon Jelly Roll rug

Sale price$135.00

This Watermelon Jelly Roll Rug is perfect for bringing a taste of summer into your home year-round. Handmade with cotton fabric and batting, this bright pink, cream and green rug features a unique watermelon seed design that is sure to be a summertime favorite. Enjoy the refreshing look of summer all year!

This rug is just perfect to brighten up any spot in your home that doesn't get heavy traffic. These are wildly popular and hard to keep in stock. Currently it takes me roughly 3 days from start to finish, to complete this and other projects that I am working on. I only list what is already to ship. Shoot me a quick email if this is sold out and I can make a listing specific for you as I only add a group of five each month.

These are approximately 27" x 39". They are machine washable cold and hang dry.

While these are meticulously sewn by Rita, these rugs are not meant for high traffic areas, as in the entry ways into the home. Please keep that in mind when ordering. These are not mass-produced rugs and are made in the USA.

Please note, the bowl is not included and can be purchased separately under rope bowls.